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Canadian Tax Tables

These Tax Tables are the product of TTI’s state-of-the-art tax engines, which calculate and optimize scenarios, supporting a wide scope of cash effects.

Our latest Tax Tables include the following information and calculations:

  • Personal Tax Credits
  • Personal Tax Rates and Brackets
  • Maximum Combined Personal Rates
  • Tax-Free Dividends
  • Corporate Tax Rates
  • Corporate Integration Summary

For each province or territory:

  • Personal Tax Table
  • Marginal Tax Rates by Brackets
  • Tax Integration for CCPCs
  • Investment Advantage
  • Intentionally Triggering Subsection 55(2)

TTI helps me show the value of our tax planning strategies to clients.
More than just an average tax rate, they can see precisely where each dollar ends up using easy to understand charts.

David T. Lloyd, CPA, CA

Co-Founder & Chief Wealth Management Officer, Newport Private Wealth