Frequently Asked Questions


What is the TTI Suite?

The TTI Suite is a collection of standard Microsoft Excel™ documents that can be run on any platform with a modern version of this popular software. TTI worksheets can be used the same way as any other documents – rename them, save them anywhere, and even build your own supporting formulas when needed.

What do people have to say about TTI?

Check out our user testimonials here.

How do I download the TTI Suite?

We email you a private link to a Google Drive share. This share provides the latest TTI package(s) in zip format. Once downloaded, the worksheets can then be extracted to your desktop, server, or other applications according to your needs. Detailed instructions and troubleshooting are available.

As a new client, you’ll normally receive your TTI Suite within an hour or two after subscribing.

How often are worksheets updated?

We release regular updates (every month or two) which include new worksheets, feature enhancements, and rate changes. When there are changes to tax rates from a federal or provincial budget, we aim to release a new set of worksheets within a week. TTI’s Forex worksheets and Investment Bookkeeping worksheets are updated weekly.

How am I informed when new worksheets are available?

When an updated TTI Suite is available for download, you will receive an email notification. This email will describe the current or future updates and provide a download link to the new TTI Suite. Once downloaded, you can delete older versions of the TTI Suite – each package is a standalone collection with the latest version of every worksheet. We provide an “FYI” email for any other users in your office describing the updates.

Who uses TTI?

The TTI Suite is used by professionals across Canada. Our clients include public accountants (sole proprietors through national firms), financial institutions, wealth management offices, lawyers, internal tax groups, and others in need of tax results.

How do I know the calculations are accurate?

We welcome your skepticism! Our product is built in Canada by professional accountants, and we pride ourselves on the level of quality we consistently deliver. The first thing many tax experts do is put us to the test with a tricky scenario. We invite you to do the same. Please contact us for a demo.

Will Quebec tax rates be supported?

We are actively developing support for Quebec tax calculations. TTI’s Corporate Tax Scenario worksheet includes Quebec corporate tax rates to be used for Quebec corporations and multi-jurisdictional scenarios. We expect all worksheets in TTI’s Tax Planning Suite to support Quebec rates in 2020. Several popular TTI worksheets such as Safe Income, Investment Bookkeeping, Forex, and Bank Transactions for Trusts can be used on any client file regardless of provincial residency.


How is the TTI Suite licensed?

The TTI Suite is licensed according to the number of professional users. Each licensed user can download and use the TTI Suite on any device. We offer annual subscriptions. The anniversary of your subscription date will be used for annual billing.

What is included with the TTI subscription?

As of January 2020, the TTI Suite includes over 25 worksheets. Subscriptions include ongoing use for unlimited clients, regular updates – including tax and forex updates, updated features, and other developments. We also provide our clients with a unlimited email support (we will also get on the phone for complex questions).

Can I license just one worksheet?

The TTI Suite has been built with the needs of different users in mind. Most people have two or three favourites, and the rest are available if needed. The worksheets are not licensed individually. It takes only a few uses of one worksheet to break even on your investment. Many of the worksheets also include graphical outputs to allow you to show your clients the value of your recommendations (i.e. value billing).

Who is considered a professional user?

A professional user is anyone who will be preparing new calculations, or revising existing calculations in any TTI Worksheet. This ordinarily includes staff, managers, partners, and executives involved in a workflow where our worksheets are used. Professional users specifically exclude administrative staff not involved with calculations.

Do I have to purchase a firm license?

Many practices across Canada purchase licences for everyone in their firm. With a diverse collection of worksheets, every staff member will find two or three worksheets that will assist with routine calculations to complex scenarios. These firms benefit from uniformity, time savings, and the ability to show the value of their recommendations. After 10 users, the marginal annual cost is only $150 per user. Of course, not all offices are the same. You have full flexibility to determine the right number of users for your firm.

How do I subscribe to the TTI Suite?

Simply determine the number or users and click here to subscribe.

If I cancel my subscription, can I still use the worksheets?

TTI worksheets can only be used with an active subscription. However, they may be accessed on a read-only basis, such as for future reference. TTI’s license agreement is available here.


What are the system requirements?

You can find more information here.

How is my privacy protected?

We use secure servers hosted in world-class data centres to package the TTI Suite. Your files are packaged and uploaded to a private Google Drive share over a secure channel. Your own connections are also encrypted, ensuring that you receive files from us with security end to end. Once you receive the TTI Suite, every aspect of your usage is under your own control. You store the worksheets on your own computers, servers, or applications. No information will be sent to us, so there are no privacy considerations introduced by using the TTI Suite. You can see our privacy policy here.

Is the TTI Suite safe?

We provide you with a Zip file containing Microsoft Excel™ worksheets in binary format (.xlsb), supporting PDFs, and links to support resources. There are no programs to install, and there are no executable files in the TTI Suite. In short, the TTI Suite is technically incapable of introducing harmful malware or unexpected changes to your systems.

Can I import and export?

Microsoft Excel is among the most widely supported formats available. Many programs will allow you to interface with our worksheets. While this is feasible in most circumstances, TTI does not support input or output to third party programs. In ordinary use cases, the complexities and risks introduced with input/output outweigh the benefits. According to your needs, a tech-savvy individual can modify our worksheets to support functionality with other software. Most worksheets provide named cells to streamline programming done manually or by VBA.


Who's behind the TTI Suite?

Jay Goodis and Andrew Skujins co-founded TTI in 2011. Both Jay and Andrew worked in tax and had a passion for technology. To date, they’ve invested well over 25,000 hours in development to build the TTI Suite. There’s much more to come!

Do the worksheets support unique adjustments?

Probably! We design each worksheet to support a broad range of common situations. Even if you have an unusual situation, odds are that we can support it. To get the most out of each sheet, we recommend reviewing our detailed worksheet instructions. Of course, you can always get prompt answers to your questions through our support channels. If you have a great idea that we haven’t implemented, we can include it in a future version – many of our popular features were originally by request.

How can I request a new worksheet or feature?

We are very responsive to client requests. We encourage you to email us with features or worksheets that would support your business. There are numerous features and worksheets that are a direct result of client requests.



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