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What our clients are saying

“What I appreciate about the TTI Suite is that it’s always being updated. I know my team is working with the latest tax information, and useful features are regularly added based on our feedback. TTI’s ability to solve complex tax calculations such as Safe Income and Assets vs Shares speaks to their expertise, and I encourage attendees at my seminars to try their solutions.”

Manu Kakkar, CPA, CA, TEP, MTax

Kakkar CPA Professional Corporation

“TTI provides a multitude of Excel-based spreadsheet tools that make life easier for my team. From salary/dividend decisions, forex calculations to safe income calculations and everything in between. You have to see the list to realize the value that is included in the suite – and they are constantly updated. It’s also nice to have the videos to follow along with on the more complicated ones. I wish this had been around when I started my practice.”

Kevin Wong, CPA, CA, MTax

MDP LLP Chartered Professional Accountants

“Having used TTI in a firm environment, I subscribed on day one when starting my own practice. Using the TTI Suite gives me the tools I need to provide insightful and accurate advice to my clients. They also provide superb support!”

Serena Dang, CPA, CA, LPA

Dang CPA Professional Corporation

“The TTI Suite has been a great time-saving tool in my office. Their worksheets provide me with more opportunities to bring value to my clients – replacing chores that could take hours with streamlined solutions we can finalize in minutes.”

Pramen Prasad, CPA, CA, CMA

Prasad & Company LLP

“These templates have elevated how I tax-plan for my clients. I’m currently using them on every year-end engagement.”

Mike McLenehan, CPA, CGA

McLenehan and Associates Chartered Professional Accountants Corporation

“I find the Corporate and Personal tax worksheet useful for presenting the effects of various taxes to my clients based on their specific situations. With TTI, we have the exact tax calculations kept constantly up to date. It is an excellent base to utilise other Excel functionality, such as Solver for precise optimisation.”

Domenic Galati, CPA, CGA

Domenic Galati Professional Corporation

We believe that technology is the lifeblood of successful public accounting, but we approach new products with a degree of scepticism. We had TTI in for a session with all of our staff participating. Tax Templates works. The TTI Suite is a must-have tool for your firm to be efficient and proactive, and our staff love the programs. We’ve saved countless hours performing the difficult tax calculations needed within a public firm diligently serving its individual and corporate clients. The program helps us look smarter!”

Harold Johnson, CPA, CA, LPA


“All tax professionals at our firm use Tax Templates. They are excellent tools and assist us greatly in our tax litigation, tax planning, and criminal tax defence practice. If you want to save time and money preparing and presenting detailed and accurate tax analysis to clients, then get Tax Templates.”

Chad Brown

Tax Ninja Tax Law

“The TTI Suite has allowed our office to tax plan more effectively and efficiently for our clients. One of the great features about TTI is that the templates are always updated for the most recent tax changes. The support we get from TTI is amazing and we can always count on them for prompt and helpful answers to our questions.”

Spencer Dorward, CPA, CA, MBA

Yates Whitaker LLP

“Our firm has been using TTI’s solutions for the past two years. Before using Tax Templates we would spend countless hours building templates and spreadsheets to be used for tax planning and analysis. Now that time can be used for the actual planning and analysis. The result is improved client service at a lower overall cost! The best part is we no longer have to worry about reformatting templates for changes in tax legislation and rates!”

Massimo Brutto, CPA, CA, CFA

MAB Partners LLP

“TTI worksheets allows for efficient and insightful tax planning for our diverse client base. They have allowed us to standardize relevant tax processes during the T1 busy season (T2125 & T776) and throughout the year with corporate engagements (Safe Income, Investment Bookkeeping, and CDA). The visual presentation makes complex tax scenarios easier to present and explain to our clients. The support (including updates) is superb and highly responsive.”

Umberto D'Archi, CPA, CA

Baker Tilly Vaughan LLP

“We frequently use the worksheets to prepare personal and corporate tax estimates and scenarios for financial planning purposes. I appreciate that the information is as up to date as possible for today and future known tax rate changes. It saves me from having to track legislative proposals to Royal Assent when I need to make a quick tax estimate. Jay and his support team have always been responsive and helpful to any of my questions. I wish I had discovered the TTI Suite years ago.”

Debbie Wong, CPA, CA

Raymond James Ltd.

“I have been using Tax Templates for three years and love them. I more than cover my annual subscription cost in the first month of use. Tax Templates is a great product for anyone involved in tax planning.”

Rick Scrimgeour, CPA, CGA, CFP, TEP

Scrimgeour & Company CPA Professional Corporation

“Tax Templates has proven to be one of our most valuable allies. The CEWS worksheets are a work of art and have evolved continuously to stay current with the frequent rule changes. I couldn’t imagine navigating the CEWS program without their guidance and assistance. The salary/dividend calculators are fantastic, and if you haven’t tried the Simplified or Quick (T2125, HST) worksheet, you don’t know what you’re missing! Their support is unparalleled. Keep up the great work!”

Norman Adams

Adams and Associates Ltd.

“TTI helps me show the value of our tax planning strategies to clients. More than just an average tax rate, they can see precisely where each dollar ends up using easy to understand charts”.

David Lloyd, CPA, CA

Newport Private Wealth

“Working with the TTI worksheets has been a great process so far. When I review a TTI worksheet, I know that I’m looking at comprehensive results that have been well reviewed. My clients appreciate knowing that our tax strategies are tailored to their precise situation, and the variety of simulations I can present them with.”

Ian Edmonds, CPA, CA, LPA, CPA (NC)

Ian Edmonds Professional Corporation

“The TTI Suite has allowed our firm to bring our tax planning discussions with our clients to the next level. Tax can be incredibly complex, therefore it’s great to be able to utilize a tool that allows us to simplify complex tax scenarios in a visual way that our clients can understand.”

Mike Pinkus, CPA, CA

ConnectCPA, Chartered Accountants LLP

“I have been using the TTI Suite for over a year now. Each worksheet is extensive, and provides me with solutions I can use immediately. These worksheets are a significant time-saver, and provide my clients with presentations that they can understand. The support is unbelievable, and they are always willing to hear my feedback.”

Ira Abrams, CPA, CA

Abrams & Company

“Using TTI has made it much quicker and easier to run tax planning calculations. It’s great to run everything in Excel and avoid the need to manage yet another program. They’ve also been responsive to our product suggestions.”

Michael Sadovnick, CPA, CA, FEA

Sadovnick Morgan LLP

“We use Tax Templates in our practice to model tax planning outcomes for our clients. It has been a great help to demonstrate the after-tax cash results of different strategies while also improving our firm efficiencies.”

Jonah Pearson, CPA, CA

Moscoe and Company

“Our firm recognized the time savings available, and was an early-adopter of TTI. Using their worksheets helps to promote consistency in our working papers, leading to more efficient preparation and more reliable reviews. Also, more staff can work on the complex tax challenges once delegated strictly to our firm’s tax experts. The concise reports and ability to run alternative scenarios impress our clients and clearly ilustrate the effects of our recommendations.”

Armando Iannuzzi, CPA, CA

Kestenberg Rabinowicz Partners LLP

“Subscribing to TTI was a great business decision. The time I save researching, updating, and supporting my own worksheets allows me to spend more time serving my clients and growing my business. TTI’s approach lets me spend more time reviewing the tax issues vs. manually checking each supporting calculation. Combining expert calculations with client-friendly reports, I have confidence in my recommendations.”

Brian Levinkind, CPA, CA

Argentum Consulting Inc.

“Using Tax Templates worksheets has helped us streamline our tax compliance work, particularly with the T2125s and rental properties. TTI has also allowed us to prepare scenarios and tax projections for planning purposes quickly and accurately which is a time saver, and we can spend more time with the client. TTI has added value to our practice.”

Dean Paley, CPA, CGA, CFP

Dean C. Paley, Professional Corporation

“I remember the day I found TTI. I had a complex remuneration strategy and searched to see if any helpful software existed. With my first file, I had saved the value of my licence fee and provided my client with a comprehensive view of their options. I am excited about new features and worksheets and eager to see what else they can optimize for me. I frequently recommend TTI – the power and time-savings of their solutions are unbelievable.”

Gerry Anderson, M.Sc., CPA, CMA

Logicon Solutions

“Jay and I worked together in the enterprise tax group at KPMG where I saw how he improved efficiency and accuracy for his clients and within our group. When I started my own practice, subscribing to the TTI Suite was an easy decision. Canadian tax is complex – TTI’s software makes tax planning and compliance much easier, and allows me to focus on growing my practice.”

Mark Tang, CPA, CA

Mark Tang, CPA, Professional Corporation

“TTI’s products have become an important tool in our practice. They help us complete our file work and tax calculations more efficiently, providing better service to our clients. In addition, the TTI team provides excellent technical support and continuously develops and improves their products. We look forward to using their future releases.”

Garrett Louie, CPA, CA

Crowe MacKay LLP

Jay Goodis and his team are excellent. The tools they produce have been very helpful. We’ve been using Tax Templates Inc for years now – a great investment.

Yann Brisebois, CPA, CGA

TurnerMoore, LLP Orléans

“Our firm became aware of TTI at the start of the pandemic with their introduction of the CEWS calculator. We quickly gained exposure to their other templates and spreadsheets and, now, our only regret is not having become aware of TTI earlier! Their templates are masterful and easily integrate with the other work we perform on our clients. An indispensible advantage to us of TTI over competing products, is the firm’s willingness to answer questions, provide support and even train users on their product, which is miles beyond the typical off-the-shelf approach taken by most companies.”

Alexander Moeller, CPA, CA

Moeller LLP

“It’s easy to use the TTI Suite. Everything’s in place to get started quickly – training videos, completed examples, and built-in guides to ensure even challenging calculations don’t overlook important details. TTI’s worksheets improve my ability to service my clients tremendously.”

Jonathan Tucker, CPA, CA, LPA

AJAG Professional Development

“My clients are always looking for opportunities to save on tax. Running the actual numbers with the TTI Suite lets us properly evaluate the full outcomes – whether for routine decisions or special transactions.”

Boris Volfovsky, CPA, CA

CPA Solutions LLP

“Our office used to prepare and update our own tax planning and integration templates. We have a diverse client base with clients ranging across the country, so this was a very time consuming undertaking. Additionally, with all the formulas and various tax brackets within the provinces, there was always a fear that an error was made. It took some time to integrate TTI’s planning tools into our existing processes, but now the process is working great. We no longer waste hours updating templates, and we are confident in the accuracy of the information being provided.”

Stephen Sakes, CPA, CA

Wormald Masse Keen Lopinski LLP

“We have been using TTI for about a year and half, and are very pleased with the functionality. Being able to streamline these regular calculations and standardize our working papers has saved our firm many hours. We found the videos answered almost all of our questions, but we are able to get personalized help, and also have an opportunity to contribute to the development of future spreadsheets. Thanks for the great product and excellent customer service.”

Lorna George

George & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants Inc.

“TTI worksheets have made our accounting and tax planning calculations a breeze. They’re relatively easy to learn and use. Constant updates give us comfort that the calculations are up to date.”

Rupesh Kapadia, CPA, CA, CPA (Il)

Kapadia LLP

“Using TTI worksheets helps me answer the questions that clients are interested in. Their worksheets give me the ability to deliver the results in a clear and concise format that is easy for my clients to follow. The online instructions are clear, effective, and very convenient. Having TTI frees up time updating and integrating in-house templates so that I can focus on servicing my clients.”

Ludmilla Yurman, CPA, CA

Scarrow Yurman and Company

“Our office has been using Tax Templates for several years and have found the worksheets to be extremely helpful in our tax planning. TTI has been very responsive to all of our questions and needs.”

Shaun Katz, CPA, CA

Booke & Partners

“I found the TTI Suite while looking to streamline my computations of Safe Income On Hand. TTI has a worksheet that’s quick with SIOH, and also many others that improved upon existing processes for a wide variety of activities. The TTI Suite has become something that I regularly use and rely upon. The regular updates, and availability of videos, examples, and support saves time. I would also like to commend Jay Goodis of TTI for the extraordinary effort he’s put forth helping to educate the public on the tax changes announced by the federal government on July 18, 2017.”

Mark Stebbing, CPA, CMA, MBA


“The templates are well-designed, with audit checks on data entry to make it intuitive and practical to complete the necessary tax calculations. The Safe Income template is especially helpful in both complicated and single shareholder scenarios. The built-in tutorials are very useful in explaining how the template works, and if you still need clarification or explanations, Jay and his staff respond very quickly to questions. You just can’t build these templates on a comparable cost-effective basis to solve the problems we all have to address.”

Michael Marchand, CPA, CA

Roth Mosey & Partners LLP

“Since adding TTI to my firm, we’ve seen the time spent on files decrease – especially in more challenging ones. Both difficult tax tasks and mundane work are now easier where TTI is used, and also more uniform. As the firm’s tax partner, I have confidence that my colleagues can solve calculations and I’m assured that the tax engines are up to date and accurate. This provides me with more time to focus on client relationships, other complex tax work, and to further grow the practice.”

Mac Killoran, CPA, CA

Fruitman Kates LLP

“Our firm was an early adopter of Tax Templates. Canadian tax is complex and Jay’s team continues to deliver new solutions and features that are timely, accurate, and thorough. I continue to be impressed with their developments. TTI’s solutions have contributed to our practice’s efficiency and the precision of our decision making. I love Canadian tax and Canadian entrepreneurs, and in my mind, TTI is a no-brainer for anyone working with these calculations.”

Kim Moody, FCA, TEP

Moodys Tax Law LLP

“I find TTI worksheets to be an excellent resource for tax planning, as they can accommodate almost all of the needs a practitioner may have for their clients. This saves me an enormous amount of time in that I do not need to make adjustments in several pieces of software. With Tax Templates, I am able to quickly analyze options for my clients with greater accuracy. There are how-to guides and YouTube instructional videos which is a big plus for busy professionals. I would certainly recommend any practitioner make use of these tools.”

David Simmonds, MBA, CPA, CGA

Simmonds CPA

I would like to thank the Tax Templates team for their tremendous work. I have been using Tax Templates since 2017 and appreciate their continued improvement and expansion of the products. I look forward to the ongoing value these tools can bring to both my clients and practice.

David Norris, CPA, CA, CFP

David Norris Professional Corporation