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If I download a CSV/Excel report from the investment account, can the information be copied into TTI’s Investment Bookkeeping worksheet?

Many of the columns can be copied and “pasted as values” into TTI’s Investment Bookkeeping worksheet from the data provided.

Example columns would include the “Quantity increase (decrease)”, “Description”, and “Amount in Native Currency”.

For columns such as the “Date” and “Type”, they may require some organization in the original document before copying and “pasting as values”. 

For example, let’s assume that the broker labelled all purchase transactions as “Buy” and “Sell”. In an empty column of the broker document, you could build a formula such as 

=IF(A1=”Buy”,”P – Purchase”,
IF(A1=”Sell”, ” D – Disposition”,””))

The above formula would then allow you to copy and paste this entire column as values to pick-up all the purchases and dispositions. The above formula could be expanded for other common transactions.