Investment Bookkeeping

Investment Bookkeeping

This worksheet expertly summarizes cash and investment asset transactions for tax and accounting purposes.

Features include:

  • Precise gain/loss calculations on cash and investment assets

  • Built-in forex rates going back to the 1970s (as available)

  • Tracking in native currencies

  • Negative currency balances

  • 46 transaction types

  • Up to 10,000 transactions / 250 assets / 18 currencies per file

  • Dynamic diagnostics and guidance

  • ACB reconciliation to statements

  • Income reconciliation to tax slips

  • Advanced T1135 support

  • Flexible journal entry feature

  • Quick data transfer (period rollover)

Excel Sample

Excel Sample

YouTube training videos

YouTube training videos

PDF Sample

PDF Sample

Account setup, and balance reconciliation (cash and investment ACB)

Account transactions

ACB reconciliation

Income summary

Gain/loss summary

T1135 summary

Tax slip reconciliation

Journal entry

  • Investment Bookkeeping (1k rows)

  • Investment Bookkeeping (10k rows)