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Other Tax Accounting

Designed to make difficult or tedious calculations easy
Corporate Tax Continuity

This worksheet reconciles CRA (re)assessments to journalized tax amounts, and determines the current tax provision.

Reconciling financial statements to filed tax returns to assessments can be a complex exercise. This is even more difficult when there are multiple (re)assessments, interest, penalties, and prior year balances.

Using straightforward inputs, this worksheet calculates under or over accruals, provides journal entries to book in the financial statements, reconciles the financial statement accounts, and more.

To best meet your specific requirements, you can take advantage of the different worksheet flavours that include calculations for R&D, and refundable taxes for Canadian-controlled investment corporations.


Simplified or Quick (T2125, HST)

This worksheet supports the integrated completion of the T2125 – Statement of Business or Professional Activities, and GST-HST return using the Simplified or Quick methods. Regardless of the GST-HST method used, or the information source (summaries, financial statements, “shoeboxes”), you can quickly calculate the amounts needed, and complete your returns with confidence.

The template is built to meet your real-world needs, such as translation between currencies, part-year registrations, and varying rates within a tax year (e.g. rate changes, harmonization).



This worksheet supports foreign currency translations using Bank of Canada rates. It provides rates for the usual periods (day, month, year), custom periods, as well as special periods often used by professional advisors (month ended, quarter ended, year ended).

Easily translate amounts to or from popular foreign currencies regardless of the rate needed – with data going as far back as 1951!

With a foolproof interface and convenient referencing, this worksheet will integrate seamlessly into your workflow.