Why we do it

Why we do it

After all, why build a solution if there's no problem?

Professional challenges

    The challenging environment of taxation is almost legendary. Advisors face pressure to meet high-volume deadlines for multiple clients, while always striving to maintain uncompromising quality of service in a dynamic legislative environment.

    You expect your team to apply professional knowledge, but complex calculations also demand Excel technical knowledge. Due care requires your staff to spend significant time building, formatting, and reviewing even routine calculations.

    Many progressive offices have documents that they use to produce standard calculations, but studies into business spreadsheets confirm that most of these documents suffer from:

    • Errors in modelling or programming
    • Missing functionality
    • Minimal quality control
    • Difficulty in use or understanding
    • No documentation

    Your cost of building custom templates from scratch is a large investment yielding poor returns in almost all cases.

    In-house issues


      Are these symptoms familiar?


        It's easy to see the signs of a business ready for a better solution:

        • Time spent on activities that don’t deliver client value
        • Inconsistency between files – between staff, or year to year
        • Time spent reviewing formulas, formatting, or adjusting page margins
        • "Reinventing the wheel" even when working on similar calculations
        • Making calculation changes after review notes, or a change in situation
        • Ad-hoc working paper adjustments to accommodate difficult calculations

        We've seen these issues at nearly every busines we've visited, and we're happy to provide an option that will meet your quality expectations, and leverage economies of scale to provide great value.

        TTI specializes in solving difficult tax calculations in a clean and clear fashion. We take care of the design, development, testing, updates, documentation, and support (so you don't have to!).

        The TTI solution