What we do

What we do

"The work is already being completed" - why do I need TTI?

Demands on your time

Professionals often experience huge demands on their time, and are always under pressure to deliver results. 

Between perpetual deadlines, intense busy periods, and ever-changing legislation, staying on top of these constant pressures can be a challenge. There are only so many hours in the day - where is your time best spent?

We're here to help you improve the quality of your information, enhance the reliability of your documentation, and spend less time working on your files.

Whether you need to provide insightful tax planning services, or are looking to improve file turnover, TTI is a solution that supports your needs.

Where we come in

Getting results

TTI develops industry-leading templates that integrate seamlessly into your workflow, and allow you to complete many difficult tax calculations with ease. Our Excel-based templates are built to meet the specific needs of professional tax advisors.

We help solve complex tax and accounting problems with state-of-the-art worksheets, revolutionizing the way professional businesses manage their tax matters.

We combine tax expertise with excellence in programming and design, spending countless hours finding the most effective ways to add more value to your operation.

This means that you can focus on your priorities, rather than on tedious technical details. Take advantage of our targeted purpose, and put our focused expertise to work in your office.

Our purpose