Corporate Remuneration Planning

This worksheet allows year-end tax planning for a corporation, and individuals in a family group.

Corporate Remuneration Planning Worksheet

This worksheet projects the corporate and personal tax outcomes of custom remuneration strategies for multiple shareholders/employees.

Considering corporate effects, and the exact personal tax situation of each individual, the TTI Corporate Remuneration Planning Worksheet, solves and presents these complex calculations with ease.

Using this worksheet, you can manage remuneration strategies for up to six shareholders/employees simultaneously, and show your clients insightful visualizations of their corporate and personal tax results.

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Download PDF

Download PDF

Existing personal cash

Marginal personal cash

Marginal and total corporate income

Corporate cash summary

Reconciliation of corporate carryforwards

Existing personal income

Existing personal credits and deductions

Marginal personal income

Existing personal federal tax calculations

Existing personal provincial tax calculations

Total personal federal tax calculations

Total personal provincial tax calculations

Corporate cash summary

Corporate tax summary

Existing personal cash summary

Marginal personal cash summary

Total personal cash summary

Existing personal tax summary

Marginal personal tax summary

Total personal tax summary

Total taxes payable

  • Corporate Remuneration Planning Worksheet (Standard) 
  • Corporate Remuneration Planning Worksheet (Simple)