Corporate Liquidation

Corporate Liquidation Worksheet

Most clients will eventually ask the big question: "If I liquidate my corporation, how much cash will I receive?"

Confidently integrating the complicated web of taxes is now easy with TTI's Corporate Liquidation Worksheet.

With a few key corporate and personal inputs, you will have a precise solution for any need. This worksheet determines tax results related to capital assets, eligible capital property, and other assets. It also considers other balances in play, such as GRIP, RDOTH, and CDA for a comprehensive view of taxes.  

The Corporate Liquidation Worksheet supports up to six shareholders, allowing you to design a remuneration strategy that considers the total impact. Forget tedious standalone calculations, and deliver value to your clients with clear, accurate results. 

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YouTube video

Download PDF

Download PDF

Main disposition interface

Marginal personal cash results

Marginal corporate cash results

Capital assets, ECP

Existing and total corporate income

Corporate taxes payable

Reconciliation of corporate carryforwards

Existing personal income

Existing personal credits and deductions

Marginal personal income

Marginal personal credits and deductions

Marginal personal federal tax calculations

Marginal personal provincial tax calculations

Personal remuneration

Corporate remuneration

Marginal personal cash

Marginal personal tax

  • Corporate Liquidation Worksheet (Standard)
  • Corporate Liquidation Worksheet (Simple)
  • Corporate Liquidation Worksheet (With Corporate Shareholders)