This worksheet project the different corporate tax effects for one or many corporations.


Countless unique circumstances and diverse factors affect financial decisions, and sometimes advisers can benefit from a custom model to advise their clients.

With the release of TTI's API worksheets, you can now integrate your own calculations with TTI's engines - up to 100 of each - and model out T1 and/or T2 decisions for virtually any need or time horizon.

These sheets use Excel's native functions to grab inputs and return outputs from named cells. All manner of Excel extras like charts, analytics, optimization, and integration are yours to leverage. You can see this worksheet in action by watching our YouTube video. 

The API is designed to be as easy as possible, but responsible usage depends on tax and Excel knowledge corresponding to the complexity of the model being built. That said, if you love Excel, and want to leverage TTI's tax engines, you can supercharge your models.

YouTube video

YouTube video

T2 Example 1 of 5

T2 Example 2 of 5

T2 Example 3 of 5

T2 Example 4 of 5

T2 Example 5 of 5

T1 Example 4 of 4

T1 Example 1 of 4

T1 Example 2 of 4

T1 Example 3 of 4

  • Tax API (T2+T1, 100)

  • Tax API (T2, 100)

  • Tax API (T1, 100)