Our values

Our values

What can you expect from us?

Dependable results

Before anything else, you need to be confident that the figures from our worksheets are correct and reliable.

Each template is subjected to intensive quality control procedures to ensure that the solutions are accurate. We test our templates against actual client working papers prepared by public accounting firms, and further with other reliable references such as CRA bulletins, tax textbooks, and professional articles.

We specialize in the life-cycle of your engagements (and your clients). Our templates incorporate best practices in preparation, review, and finalization that are easy to integrate into your workflow.

Prior to release, each template is tested in live environments to ensure that it meets user needs. Whether you have a situation requiring special adjustments, or simply to ensure the flow is useful - we've got your needs covered. 

Unmatched utility

Continuous innovation

We listen to our clients, and we focus our efforts on the templates and features that you need most.

Since you know your business best, your requests are our top priorities. Our vision is to develop a template for every significant tax calculation to make your life as easy as possible.

There's more to good tax software than just the numbers - or else we'd all be driving the same car, eating the same lunch, etc.

We care about the details that will make your life easier, such as integrated review features, helpful diagnostics, and a polished interface. Even the simplest worksheets spend significant time in development and quality control as we carefully build the best product possible.

Maximum quality