System Requirements & Downloading Instructions

System Requirements



TTI worksheets are built and tested using the latest Windows “desktop” version of Microsoft Excel 2016.

Use of the TTI Suite in a Microsoft Windows environment requires “desktop” Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, or later.

Use of the TTI Suite in a Mac environment requires “desktop” Microsoft Excel 2016 or later.

Use of the TTI Suite in other environments (e.g. Excel “online”, Android, iOS) is possible, but you may experience formatting and performance anomalies based on limitations of the program.

We recommend that your monitors use a resolution of 1920×1080 or greater to ensure an adequate viewing area. For maximum stability, we recommend the latest Microsoft Office service packs.


Downloading Instructions



1) Open your TTI Welcome email or any TTI Update email to find your download link and click it.

2) You should see something very similar to one of these two views: If you do not, please proceed to the Troubleshooting section below.



3) Click the circled area(s)/button(s) to download the Tax Accounting and/or Tax Planning collections. These non-executable files do not support viruses or malware, but may be scanned regardless.

4) The Google Drive website may request the use of popups. Please “Allow” this request.

5) Within a few seconds, you should see an option to open the zip file(s). Here are examples:

Internet Explorer:




6) This should open the downloaded zip file. The zip program used by your computer may vary, but will have some option to “Extract”:


7) Extract the files to your prefered destination. For firms, this is normally a network drive “S:\ drive”. For individuals, your Desktop may be convenient. TTI files should not be opened directly from the zip file.


8) From here, the TTI worksheets are directly accessible, and can be used in your files as appropriate. They can be copied into other software as templates, or marked  as “read only” by right-clicking the files, and editing the “Properties”.

9) Any “blank” worksheets from previous TTI downloads can be deleted.




Download Issues

If you are unable to access the Google Drive website (Step 2), this typically suggests an outdated/insecure browser or incorrect system date. You can confirm this by testing the download on a mobile device. We recommend updating to the latest version of Chrome or Firefox (or Microsoft Edge).

If you have a supported browser and are experiencing security blocks, please trying putting your browser in its private mode (to disable most plugins):

In Internet Explorer, Ctrl + Shift + P

In Chrome, Ctrl + Shift + N

In Firefox, Ctrl + Shift + P

Go back to the email, and copy your download address (by right-clicking the button) and paste it in your private browser window.


Zip Issues

Some of the files in the TTI Suite have long file names – up to about 150 characters. Windows file-systems can only support about 255 characters in total, which may present issues in rare cases with long paths.

e.g. 2018-08-12 TTI Tax Planning (TTI)\Worksheets\Corporate Asset Disposition\Corporate Asset Disposition (Multiple, With Corp SHs) 2018-08-12 v96.57$TTI.xlsb

In such cases, please extract the files to a compatible destination (e.g. your Desktop), and reorganize the folders and/or files as needed.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact for quick resolution.