The TTI Advantage

What makes our solutions your best option?

Accurate results

You and your clients demand accuracy. We can help you obtain correct, well-documented results (we guarantee it). 

Our templates are carefully designed and tested by dedicated experts that specialize in development so that you can focus on your clients, not on building and manipulating spreadsheets.

With a few clear inputs, the results you need will be at your fingertips - ready to review and finalize. Having all staff working with uniform worksheets allows for quick, consistent completion.

Our worksheets are based in Excel - a program that you and your team already use - and are intuitive to complete. The TTI Suite is easily introduced into any firm, and can integrate with other software that you already use. You're set to leverage the benefits immediately!

Ease of use

Maximum efficiency

All organizations strive to maximize their efficiency. Time spent on files directly affects your costs, and determines the workload your office can manage.

You'll save considerable time by using our worksheets. Our templates are a perfect complement to your existing workflows, and will allow you to provide greater value to your clients. 

Our templates feature a clear, consistent format, helpful diagnostics, excellent review tools, clean referencing, and are PDF/print ready... everything you need to complete a file without delay.

Each worksheet has been designed and field-tested to eliminate common bottlenecks. Whether you're a staff member updating a calculation, a reviewer with a few notes, or the executive meeting with a client, you have the tools in place to complete the job quickly and easily. 

Streamlined workflow